Department of Labor Law

Labor law department Mazar & Co. represents both employees and employers. Our office services include, among other things, reviewing the social benefits arising from the work relationship. The test is carried out by a careful examination of employee salaries and other social benefits in the face of labor laws.


For example employees can contact our office and receive legal advice in relation to pension provisions, holiday pay, recuperation pay, minimum wage, overtime pay, advance notice, severance pay, and more.

In addition, our firm provides legal advice and representation to employers in labor law, in order to ensure that employees of the employers' business will receive all their rights according to the labor laws. For example, you may contact our office for hiring employees, labor contracts, pension contributions, execution of legal dismissal and hearing, denial of severance pay etc.


Our firm provides legal services also face urgent cases requiring rapid and sometimes immediate appeals to labor courts. For example, orders to prevent dismissal. Upon receipt of the invitation to a hearing, we recommend that you contact our office, to ensure that the appeal to the labor courts will be at the right time and before the dismissal procedure.

The firm specializes on two main issues: (1) Claims related to employees in the civil service; (2) Procedures with the coordinator of the Women's Employment Law - Our firm provides legal representation in cases of dismissal of pregnant women or fertility treatments. These services are provided both employees and employers.


pension provisions - holiday pay - recuperation pay - minimum wage - overtime pay - advance notice - severance pay - immediate appeals to labor courts - dismissal of pregnant women or fertility treatments